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“When you have a list of things to blame,
don't forget to put your name.”

Dr. Ali Qassem

"It has been said, “To speak and to speak well are two things. A fool may talk, but a wise man speaks.” Spend ten minutes with Ali, and you will not only witness his wisdom, you will witness his passion as well."

Dr. Ali Qassem's Motivational Quotes


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1. “When you have a list of things to blame, don't forget to put your name.”  

2. "Focus, dedication, effort, determination and motivation are the fundamentals of success; YOU control all." 

3. “You have to be prepared, willing to learn, moving forward and alive; ALWAYS.” 

4. "I should, I must, and I will are the most important three phrases in the winners dictionary."  

5. "Success doesn't care about what you like or don't like. Success is based on obedience to principles." 

6. “I don't know what challenges I might face tomorrow, but I know for sure I will keep going.” 

7. “You should be motivated by the people who doubt you and get better every single day.”  

8. "Either you work on your dream or work for someone to build his; it's your choice."  

9. "Understanding a question is half the answer; setting a SMART goal is halfway achieved."  

10. "If you don't believe and feel you can succeed, you will not act as a successful person." 

11. "If you have enough strong reasons to have something, you will find uncountable ways to get it."  

12. "There will be people who will try to put you down; delete them from your contact list."  

13. "To be greater than what you are, don't think of yourself as what you should be but what you could be." 

14. "If you do not know how to do something, it does not mean that it is impossible!"  

15. "There is a big difference between 'I will try my best' attitude and 'I will' attitude."  

16. "Success comes from a burning desire, a winning positive attitude, great effort, and serving and helping others." 

17. "Those who have negative mental attitude have to change if they want to act on life, otherwise, they will allow life and its agonies to act             on them."  

18. "If you do not like the situation you currently have, you will go nowhere with the same attitude, knowledge, skills and efforts that you                 currently have, and you must change."  

19. "Failure is an event not a person. It should not stop you from stretching out your effort, improving your skills, developing new skills and               go the extra mile to reach your potential." 

20. "In the near future, unless you are an irreplaceable person, probably, you will be replaced by a USD 1000 microprocessor."  

21. “You have two choices: moan and groan about your situation, or take charge and change it.”  

22. “If you don’t choose the things you want in life, the things you don't want will come to you.” 

23. “Change the way you think, have a BIG DREAM, focus on that dream, dedicate your effort to that dream, be motivated and determined               to achieve that dream, and history will remember you.”  

24. “When you wake up in the morning, close your eyes and dream, dream, and dream; then open your eyes and find ways to make that                        dream a reality.”  

25. "I want my name to be written in the most of the history books."  

26.  "It is hard to work on or even remember your sleeping dreams. Be a day-dreamer."  

27. “I was born for a purpose; to lead my life; to help others; to win. I WILL.”   

28. “If you want to know how strong you are, ask the other millions of sperms why were YOU the only survivor.”  

29. "Wake Up! The world is different."  

30.  “Make sure to make the people who didn’t believe in you wish to have a picture with you.” 

31. “Don't just exist;  start living. Just setting your goals seriously, will give you life.”  

32.  “You have to spend every day making an effort, not creating excuses.” 

33. "Success is just like a butterfly. It is so hard to catch it; you have to attract it."   

34. “You should never be satisfied with what you achieved; as long as you are still alive, you still have more to give; to become better, to                        achieve.”  

35. “There is only one person can change your life and take you to greater destiny; YOU.”  

36. “When you don't like your situation, doing nothing about it is NOT an option.”  

37. “Get up, take actions, and show us who you truly are.”  

38. “In order to taste victory, take challenges and be determined to conquer them.”  

39. “If the world calls you 'NoBody', put an end to that.”  

40. “Don't worry about tomorrow if you do what you have to do today; TODAY.” 

41. “If you believe it's impossible to achieve your goal, start with setting that goal correctly and be determined to  achieve it; These two                       goals are possible.”  

42. “You know within yourself that you are strong; I believe you are. You need to charge your willpower.”  

43. “Don’t just listen to success stories. Get up, start and go the extra mile and taste and feel it for yourself. Trust me, it is worth it."  

44. “It is possible for you to succeed. Many people have succeeded in the past, many are successful today, and many will succeed tomorrow.            Be one of them.” 

45. “If you want to succeed in whatever you are doing, learn, learn, learn and learn.” 

46. “If you stay determined and focused on your dream, your dream will be a reality.”  

47. “Give more than what you take and soon you will take more than what you give.”  

48. “If you want to learn something fast, be around people who know about it more than you.”  

49. “If you work so hard on your job all day, you will not have time even to plan to be financially independent.”  

50. “Fill your mind with positive thought every day, so there will be no place for the negative ones.”  

51.  “Don't ask people to believe in your abilities if you yourself don't believe in that.”  

52. “You were born full of greatness. I wonder if you have ever tried to show that greatness to the world.”  

53. “Have a big dream, the responsibility to achieve that dream, get the knowledge and the attitude necessary to achieve that dream, and                 act now. I promise, you will get it.”  

54. “How you handle small issues tells me how you handle everything.”  

55. “A little progress every day, will eventually take you to wherever you want to be.” 

56. “The number of people who don't give up is too small. be one of them. You will win at the end.”  

57. “People who made history did not wait for history to tell them what to do.”  

58. “The most dangerous weapon people might use against you is to plant the seeds of doubts about yourself in your mind.”  

59. “Complaining, moaning and groaning will take you nowhere.”  

60. “Your dreams, your life and your destiny all depend on one thing – your thought.”  

61. “Many people have dreams - dreams are free. Only few will pay the effort to achieve their dreams.”  

62. “Positive thinking, determination, right direction and actions change lives.” 

63. “If you want to achieve big dreams, put your mind and soul in every action you take.”  

64. "Employment is the modern name for slavery."  

65. "Some people buy tons of chocolate in their life time and one book. You need to read books to learn which chocolate to buy, how to                        enjoy it and when."  

66. “If you want to achieve your dreams, succeed in life and become greater than who you are, read books.”  

67. "It is not what you gain when you read a book, it is what you miss if you don't." 

68. "When I have a problem I consult my trusted friends - books."   

69. “Your desire, passion and determination should always be stronger than your doubts and fear.”  

70. “Stay focused, courageous, on your feet and moving forward - always. Just don't quit.”   

71. “I love people who are smarter than me; I learn from them, and they help me get closer to fulfill my dreams.”   

72. “Get up, jump on your feet and show the world who you are.”  

73. “Success is  exciting, beautiful, feels great, and absolutely tasty. You should taste it.”  

74. “Plan for your life and dreams and always have  plan B, C, D, E, ...... Z."  

75.  “If you want to double your income and have a financial freedom, do everything possible to increase your value.”  

76. “People do not make mistakes, they make choices. Make sure not to make the wrong choice twice .”  

77. “The number one quality you need to do anything is energy. You will not have it without passion.”   

78. “When you devote your life to your dreams, success will look for you.”  

79. “Do not live your life just to survive. Be focused, determined, do your best and thrive.” 

80.  “You will not be greater than today if you still see yourself as yesterday."  

81. “When you know your potential and want to realize it, your mind, heart and soul will create an extraordinary passion to do so.”  

82. "If you want to know how does your future look like, design it."  

83. “Not having big dreams will force you to concentrate on small deeds.”   

84. “If you are always desperate for a vacation from what you do, then you are not working on your dreams.”  

85. “You will become exactly as the person you think and design to be.” 

86. “If you want to raise your standards, have a positive mindset, and be motivatd always, use the ideas you find in books.”  

87. “To be successful, always think, be prepared and take actions as a successful person.”  

88. “If you don't improve yourself continuously, you will remain who you are now - forever.”  

89. “When you feel like giving up on a dream, ask yourself why did you start it.” 

90. “A dream, a plan and the passion to achieve it, are so powerful that you can't believe it.”  

91. “When you refuse to lose, you will not give up and you will eventually win.”  

92. “Do not be ordinary. Do the extraordinary and be extraordinaire.”  

93. “In order to achieve success, you have to take the first step - set goals.”  

94. “Pick a dream and start working on it - now.”  

95. “You are in total control of your life unless you give the steering wheel to someone else.”  

96. “When you are flying like an eagle and you are criticized by a chicken,  don't bother. Its level is too low.”  

97. “Unlike animals, plants or other things, you have the power to change anything you want.”  

98. “You will never be able to cross a river by just touching the water.”  

99. “Indeed, greed is taking more than what you need.” 

100. “Always keep your yesterdays as a school from which you should learn, and today as the starting point for a better tomorrow.” 

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